About Big Up Kidz

Our Mission

Big Up Kidz’ mission is to help the community reach for a brighter future by providing youth and families with opportunities to learn, explore and grow in a safe and structured environment. 

The organization is driven by the vision of creating a safe, positive educational environment in which to spark a love of learning, while supporting development of the academic, social and life skills youth need to be successful in school and beyond. 

In support of this vision, Big Up Kidz has defined the following objectives: to increase math and language skills; improve school attendance and performance; improve students' social skills; increase interest/participation STEAM activities; support healthy lifestyle choices; promote education; and increase parent involvement in students’ education.

Sheikh Community Center

Compton, CA

Sheikh Community Center is located on Long Beach Blvd., in Compton, CA. Sheikh Community Center was developed by the owners and founders of the Sheikh Shoes Corporation, who wanted to take their success in the shoe business and give back to the communities where they profit most. On behalf of the communities we serve, we want to thank Sheikh Shoes for their philanthropic efforts to help programs like ours thrive and prosper. We currently serve students from both Foster Elementary and Barack Obama Charter School at this site. Big Up Kidz serves about 100 students in the After-School Program, 60 students in the Before-School program, 75 students in the summer camp program, and up to 40 adult community members in the Family Literacy Program.

Our after school program and our office along with Jordan 4 Kids and Education Collaboration offices are located at the Sheikh Community Center. Off site specific programs like our Plug & Plays are offered at school sites as needed.