Meet Our Staff

Rochelle Lether
Founder, President, & CEO... (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Mrs. Lether began working in After School Programs as a volunteer at HUG house (an After School Program for children of the homeless) in 2002. She has also worked abroad, in both Brazil (helping to to build education among sustainable indigenous communities) and in Indonesia (as a teacher and journalist). Since her return to the States, she has worked as an International Exchange Program Director and After School Program Director.

In 2011, she founded Big Up Kidz, a non-profit After School Program. She has always had a passion for After School Programs, because they provide the additional support and reinforcement that is needed for schools in underserved communities, as well as keeping children off the streets and out of trouble during peak unsupervised times.

Rochelle Lether is a graduate of Pitzer College, of the Claremont Five Universities. She obtained her degree in International Studies, with an emphasis on Developing Countries as well as a minor in Visual Arts.


Anthony Cabrera
Associate Director

Anthony Cabrera started with Big Up Kidz as an instructor in 2013 and quickly moved up the ranks to Lead Instructor then Site Coordinator. Prior to BUK, Anthony gained experience in the afterschool sector as a volunteer with L.A.’s Best. Anthony is currently pursuing his baccalaureate degree in Accounting at California State University Northridge.

As Associate Director, Anthony takes the lead on all day-to-day operations such as supervising instructors, managing program curriculum, and coordinating all program budgets and logistics. A fluent Spanish speaker, Anthony also takes the lead on parent communications. 

Blanca Rodriguez 
Staff Lead/ STEM Program Instructor/ After School Program Leader 

Blanca Rodriguez joined the team in 2015 as a Program Leader. That summer she trained in Film and Photography as well as in Coding and she then brought the two to the program as clubs. Now she is the STEM Program Instructor and Program Leader for our Kinder and 1st grade group.

In 2016 she became Staff Lead where she has managed and ran some of our Town Hall meetings, rallies and events. As a fluent Spanish speaker she has translated Parent Advisory Meetings and Parent Orientations and taken lead in our recruiting for the school year and our summer camps.

Eduardo Gomez 
Before School Program Manager/After School Program Leader

Eddie Gomez volunteered his time to improve the site and through his hard work he gained a position as a Program Leader. Eddie is currently attending school in order to get his Bachelors in English so he can go on and teach English in high schools.

Today he works with 2nd and 3rd grade in after school and since early 2017 he became manager of Big Up Kidz Before School Program where he has brought Coding and Typing Mastery to their morning technology time. 


Amber Johnson 
After School Program Leader

Amber Johnson started working with Big Up Kidz in the winter of 2016. She joined the team with four years of experience working with kids and she had volunteered the previous summer to the program. She is majoring in Social and Behavioral Psychology and one day hopes to work as a children's therapist.

Amber is Program Leader in our 1st to 2nd grade group and she is very active within our Teen Workforce Connections Program in which she has a very good relationship with our Interns helping them grow within our program.


Brianna Spaulding 
After School Program Leader

Ms Brianna Spaulding began volunteering with Big Up Kidz in the summer time. The following year, in the summer of 2016, she joined the team as a Program Leader. She first began in the Kinder to 1st grade group where she first developed the skills to manage a classroom. She then took her skills and became Program Leader for the 4th and 5th grade group where she is today.

Majoring in Psychology, Brianna hopes to one day follow a path that leads into social work to further help not only students but families within her community