Our Programs

About Our Programs

Big Up Kidz Before School Programs serve students for an hour and a half before school starts, providing a warm breakfast, a reading program, technology, and light physical activity. This helps parents or guardians get to work on time, while providing a safe and supervised place for students to start the day off right.

Big Up Kidz After School Programs provide a safe and supervised place for students to learn for three hours after school dismissal and for up to six hours on minimum days, after school dismissal. We operate during the peak hours of juvenile crime, keeping kids off the street and in a productive environment between school dismissal and parents or guardians release from work. We also now serve supper, so students receive a warm, nutritional, filling meal. 

Big Up Kidz focuses on three and a half steps to success:

Step 1: 45 minutes of physical education and nutrition, accompanied by a half step; snack time, which links into our health and wellness program to fight childhood obesity. 

Step 2:  1 hour of homework time with tutoring. 

Step 3: 1 hour of academic enrichment: English and language arts twice per week and math, science and social studies, once per week.


Big Up Kidz Summer Programs focus on thematic learning and operate in a camp like setting. Our summer camps operate for 6 weeks, for a minimum of 8 hours per day, with a possibility of aftercare for working parents. Our program includes breakfast, lunch, snack and a weekly field trip.


Enrichment Opportunities

Other enrichment opportunities are offered in the forms of clubs. All students are encouraged to join at least one club. The following clubs are offered: Girls on the Run, Princess Feet Dance Academy, Organic Gardening, Programming, STEM, Dance, and Cooking.

At Big Up Kidz, we feel that every student deserves praise for every accomplishment, no matter how big or small. That is why we say "Big Up" to kids in all that we do! 

please give us a call for customized programs and pricing.

Teen Workforce

Big Up Kidz' Youth Internship and Job Readiness Program will help low-income and/or at-risk youth develop the skills, experience, and support they need to successfully enter the workforce as well as to lay a foundation for a career in education or child development for those inclined to enter those fields.