Support Our Kids

Here at Big Up Kidz, we love to stay connected to parents, students, community partners and funders. Here are some ways you can help us stay connected to you so you can provide active support to our students.

1. Sign Up!  Sign up today for our newsletter, and Big Up Kidz will send you a quarterly update with upcoming events, fundraisers and success stories of our students.

2. Tell a Friend! Tell the people in your community the benefits of enrolling your child in the Big Up Kidz After School Program.

3. Volunteer! We don't mind you coming in early to check in on your little ones, in fact we could use the extra helping hand in the classroom. Homework time is always a great time to spend quality time with your child and get to know your child's classmates, as well as assist the program leader with tutoring. We also could use help on field trips and other events. Talk to your Site Coordinator today to see how you can help today.

4. Give a Gift!  Your support, in the form of a major gift, will help us expand our program, and provide more support for more students (and parents). Please consider making a gift today.