Thank You!!

Big Up Kidz would like to give a big thank you to Shiekh Shoes for their kind and generous donation of our wonderful site. For the past two years we have held program here at the Shiekh Community Center and we really couldn't have done it without them. Thanks to you we have had an amazing and safe enviroment for all our students. Thank you from all of us at Big Up Kidz!!



Big Up Kidz would like to thank City National Bank for their kind grant in support of our Teen Workforce Connection program for the second year in a row. They have made it possible to help develop both our students and high school interns while providing sustainability for our program. Thank you!



Big Up Kidz would like to acknowledge and thank the Edison Company for their generous funding to provide coding programs to middle school students in Alliance College Ready Academy #5, Roosevelt Middle School, and Enterprise Middle School! Students gained valuable 21st century skills while exploring new career options and expanding their horizons.

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